Funding Priorities

Our Mission

The mission of the PBS Foundation is to be a leader for philanthropic support of PBS, ensuring that PBS continues to be an excellent provider of outstanding programs and services. Acting collaboratively and cooperatively with PBS member stations, the Foundation works to secure the extraordinary funding necessary to maintain and enhance PBS’s commitment to serving the American public.

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PBS viewers have long enjoyed programs that reveal the wonders of the natural world. And now, amid escalating temperatures, rising sea levels, and more extreme weather events, our programming empowers viewers to understand and address the critical climate issues we face. From deep community ties to partnerships with national and international organizations —including the BBC, the United Nations, the National Park Service, and The Nature Conservancy — we’re igniting hope and inspiring action at every scale. Through fact-based natural history, weather, and conservation programming — from shows and games to classroom resources — we will include even our youngest viewers in the conversation on climate, too.

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Jati Lindsay


The arts are essential to creating vibrant, healthy communities. They nourish the spirit and elevate us individually and collectively. That’s why PBS is dedicated to reinvigorating public engagement in all forms of creative expression. Our audiences have long been transported to opera houses, concert halls, theaters, and the workshops of the world’s best artists through thousands of hours of arts programming. As we broaden and diversify our arts offerings on air, in the classroom, and online, we’ll continue to expand access to the arts and bring the best in drama, music, visual art, and more into the homes and hearts of all Americans.

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood © 2012 The Fred Rogers Company


At PBS, children have always been — and always will be — core to our mission. More than 50 years ago, PBS pioneered a new era in children’s programming with landmark series like SESAME STREET and MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD. Since then, PBS has continued to cultivate a lifelong love of learning while setting – and raising – the bar for children’s media. PBS KIDS views children as citizens rather than consumers, empowering them to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives. We know that when children see positive representations of themselves in media, it can have a measurable impact on their self-esteem and their long-term success in school and life. That’s why all our work to address this generation’s unique needs is grounded in diversity and inclusion.

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Mike Morgan

Democracy, Civics & Journalism

We believe diverse perspectives should unite us, not divide us, and that unbiased journalism should be easily accessible. We know that, together, we can elevate civil discourse and serve our nation as we reflect on our past and imagine our future. The late Gwen Ifill – beloved longtime host of PBS NEWSHOUR and moderator of WASHINGTON WEEK– put it best: “Our job,” she said, “is to bring light, not heat, to the conversation.” With firm commitment to our role as the most trusted voice in America, we are seeking new ways to shed light on the most important issues of the day and to help build a vibrant democracy for future generations through national and local townhall conversations, efforts to support local journalism, and new educational curricula.

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Our Vision

We aim to reach audiences of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities in exciting new ways. We’ll share untold stories, empower underserved communities, champion parents and educators, and inspire the next generation. We’ll further PBS’s legacy, not only as the nation’s most trusted media organization, but as a valued and essential American institution.